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Stabbed In The Solarium (EBOOK)

Stabbed In The Solarium (EBOOK)

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When the Moorecliff clan gathers at Moorecliff mansion for Archie’s memorial service, no one expects gossipy aunt Shirley to end up stabbed in the solarium. It’s not really a big surprise though, pretty much everyone in the family had reason to want her dead.

With those closest to her at the top of the suspect list, Araminta and her mystery solving cats Arun and Sasha vow to find the answers to the questions that could lead them straight to the killer. How did mice get into the mansion? Where did the killer stash the murder weapon? What secret did Shirley know that someone would kill for? What is going on in the gardening shed at night?

As Araminta and the cats get closer to the answer, Araminta discovers that even those she calls her closest family have been harboring secrets of their own.

P.S. Will Araminta make peace with Jacob and as for his help with the case? What is going on between Stephanie and Ivan?

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This EBOOK is #2 in the Moorecliff Manor Cat Cozy Mystery Series

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