Series Reading Order

Leighann Dobbs Series & Reading Order:


Mystic Notch Cozy Mystery Series:

Ghostly Paws (book 1)

A Spirited Tail (book 2)

Mew to a Kill (Book 3)

Paws and Effect (book 4)

Probable Paws (book 5)

Whisker of a Doubt (book 6)

Wrong Side of the Claw (book 7)

Claw and Order (book 8)




Blackmoore Sisters  Cozy Mystery Series:

 Dead Wrong (book 1)

Dead & Buried (book 2)

Dead Tide (book 3)

Buried Secrets (book 4)

Deadly Intentions (book 5)

A Grave Mistake (book 6)

Spell Found (book 7)

Fatal Fortune (book 8)

Hidden Secrets (book 9)





Silver Hollow Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series:

A Spell Of Trouble (book 1)

Spell Disaster (book 2)

Nothing To Croak About (book 3)

Cry Wolf (Book 4)

Shear Magic (Book 5)


Lexy Baker Culinary Cozy Mystery Series:

 Killer Cupcakes (book 1)

Dying for Danish (book 2)

Murder, Money and Marzipan (book 3)

3 Bodies and a Biscotti (book 4)

Brownies, Bodies and Bad Guys (book 5)

Bake, Battle and Roll (book 6)

Wedded Blintz (book 7)

Scones, Skulls and Scams (book 8)

Ice Cream Murder (book 9)

Mummified Meringues (book 10)

Brutal Brûlée (book 11)

No Scone Unturned (book 12)

Cream Puff Killer (book 13)

Never Say Pie (book 14)

Ain't Seen Muffin Yet (book 15)

Assault and Buttercream (book 16)


Moorecliff Manor Cat Cozy Mystery Series:

Dead in the Dining Room (book 1)

Stabbed in the Solarium (book 2)

Homicide in the Hydrangeas (book 3)

Lifeless in the Library (book 4)

Mayhem in the Mudroom (book 5)



Juniper Holiday Series:

Halloween Party Murder (book 1)

Thanksgiving Dinner Death (book 2)

Who Slayed the Santas? (book 3)

Masquerade Party Murder (book 4)

 My Fatal Valentine (book 5)


Mooseamuck Island Series:

A Zen for murder ( book 1)

A Crabby Killer (book 2)

A Treacherous Treasure (book 3)



Kate Diamond Series:

Hidden Agemda (book 1)

Ancient Hiss Story (book 2)

Heist Society (book 3)



Lady Katherine Series:

An Invitation To Murder (book1)

The Baffling Burglaries of Bath (book 2)

Murder at the Ice Ball (book 3)

A Murderous Affair (book 4)

Murder on Charles Street (book 5)


Hazel Martin Series:

Murder at Lowry House (book 1)

Murder by Misunderstanding (book 2)