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Silver Hollow Bundle Books 1-5 (PAPERBACK)

Silver Hollow Bundle Books 1-5 (PAPERBACK)

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Get lost in the magical world of Silver Hollow. Snarky cats. Wicked witches. Twisty mysteries.

Book 1: Isolde Quinn wants to fly under the radar of the paranormal police, but that’s going to be hard to do when her least favorite person dies in front of her magical pet store. 

Book 2: When elderly witch Enid Pettywood unwittingly summons a demon to Silver Hollow, it’s up to Issy Quinn and her cousins to send it back before the committee finds out.

Book 3: When Silver Hollow witch Adele Brundage curses the town with a plague of toads until her killer is found, Isolde Quinn and her cousins find themselves thrown into a dangerous world where someone will go to any lengths to keep a decades-old secret.

Book4: A mysterious death brings Deputy DeeDee Clawson to the scene of a movie being filmed at an old mansion in Silver Hollow. Tucker Rockwood, the star of the movie, is found dead, a stake through his heart. Lots of people might have wanted to kill Tucker, but when DeeDee’s investigation points in the direction of the movie’s producer, Caine Hunter, she thinks she has her man. Too bad DeeDee is in for a big surprise. 

Book 5: When wizard detective Eric Naill is found stabbed to death behind the salon of hunky witch hair stylist Graeme “Gray” Quinn, it doesn’t bode well for the Quinn clan. Especially when Gray’s favorite golden shears appear to be the murder weapon.