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Murder On Charles Street (EBOOK)

Murder On Charles Street (EBOOK)

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Lady Katherine’s happiness at her newfound independence is shattered by the death of her elderly neighbor, Doctor Gammon. The doctor had become a trusted friend and had confided in Katherine that something about a former patient’s case had been bothering him. 

Was it any coincidence he’d ended up dead the very next day? 

Katherine doesn’t think so, especially when she discovers the case files he’d been scrutinizing the night before his death seem to have disappeared. 

But with her maid Harriett focusing on the vile concoctions she makes for supper, her detecting partner Pru too wrapped up in her fiancee and upcoming wedding plans and her Bow Street runner friend Lyle embroiled in the official investigation, Lady Katherine has only one friend who seems interested in investigating - Captain Wayland.

Her father would have a fit if he knew Katherine was conferring on a case with the handsome Captain, but Lady Katherine will stop at nothing to bring her friend’s killer to justice.

When the case takes a disturbing turn, even Wayland can’t help, and Lady Katherine has only her wits - and her pug Emma - to relay on in order to prevent becoming the next victim.

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This EBOOK is #5 in the Lady Katherine Regency Mystery Series.

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