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Lady Katherine Regency Mysteries Books 1-5 (EBOOK)

Lady Katherine Regency Mysteries Books 1-5 (EBOOK)

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This eBook Box Set Bundle includes books 1-5 in the Lady Katherine Regency Mystery Series! 

Join Lady Katherine and her Pug Emma as she solves crimes in 1800s England!

Book 1. An Invitation To Murder

Lady Katherine only has one week to catch the Pink-Ribbon Killer. Not only to stop the killing, but also to prove her skills at detection to her father and win her dowry and independence.

There’s only one catch—she has to take one last matchmaking job to do it. Never mind that the match is impossible—all the better because if she fails, then no one will seek her services again. The job provides the perfect cover, especially when her peculiar investigatory techniques are mistaken for unconventional matchmaking attempts.

Things would go a lot smoother if she weren’t knee-deep in suspects and thwarted at every turn by a rival matchmaker. But when the killer strikes again, Katherine’s investigation leads down a dangerous path. Too late, she discovers that she has a lot more to lose than her dowry.

Book 2. The Baffling Burglaries of Bath

The last thing Lady Katherine wants is to take the matchmaking job for Mrs. Burwick, whose daughter, Prudence, clearly does not want to be matched… until she realizes it provides her the perfect cover to investigate the string of robberies that have been taking place in the holiday town of Bath.

Katherine, her loyal maid, Harriet, and her tenacious Pug, Emma, soon find themselves knee-deep in troubled waters as they try to piece together the baffling clues to reveal the truth. To further complicate matters, Katherine’s investigation is impeded by the incompetent detective hired by the Marquess of Bath to flush out the burglar.

Now Katherine must juggle advising Prudence on how “not” to land a duke while she dives into the investigation in the hopes of narrowing down the suspects without making waves amongst the aristocracy, some of whom are her primary suspects.

When the burglary attempts turn violent, Katherine must take drastic measures to ensure her detective career isn’t all washed up before it even gets started.

Book 3. Murder at the Ice Ball

When a tragic accident turns out to be murder, Lady Katherine finds herself embroiled in an investigation tainted by lies and deception.

With conflicting witness testimony, mysterious neighbors who saw the impossible, and a secret someone would kill for, Katherine must dig into the dark side of polite London society to uncover the truth.

Naturally, she has help. Maybe too much help. Along with her loyal maid, Harriet, her pilfering pug, Emma, and her Bow Street Runner friend Lyle, Katherine is joined by budding investigator Pru Burwick and her eccentric Scottish fiancé, Lord Annandale. Katherine wouldn’t mind their help so much if Annandale didn’t keep bringing the insufferable Captain Wayland along.

When the investigation takes a disturbing turn, Katherine gets a lead that indicates someone close to her may not be telling the truth, and she must make a tough decision. Protecting her loved one means keeping a secret from her closest allies. Hopefully it does not also mean letting a killer go free.

Book 4. A Murderous Affair

Lady Katherine juggles Christmas festivities, a perplexing cold case and a wager with the annoying Captain Wayland that will prove once and for all which of them is the better detective.

It’s the Christmas season in London, but the holiday festivities don’t deter Lady Katherine from investigating a death that happened months earlier. Since the victim was a maid, investigative resources were sparse, and the police hastily wrote it off as a random killing. But Lady Katherine and her friends believe it was nothing short of premeditated murder, and they vow to seek justice.

With her Bow Street Runner friend Lyle acting as a neutral party, Katherine teams up with her friend Prudence Burwick, her maid Harriett, and of course her pug Emma. Wayland has the aid of Pru’s fiancé Lord Annandale and his valet McTavish.

The two teams race against each other in a hunt for clues that takes them through the servants’ quarters, stables, and seedy underbelly of London in search of a dangerous killer who thinks they got away with murder.

Will the best men... or women… win?

Book 5. Murder on Charles Street

Lady Katherine’s happiness at her newfound independence is shattered by the death of her elderly neighbor, Doctor Gammon. The doctor had become a trusted friend and had confided in Katherine that something about a former patient’s case had been bothering him. 

Was it any coincidence he’d ended up dead the very next day? 

Katherine doesn’t think so, especially when she discovers the case files he’d been scrutinizing the night before his death seem to have disappeared. 

But with her maid Harriett focusing on the vile concoctions she makes for supper, her detecting partner Pru too wrapped up in her fiancee and upcoming wedding plans and her Bow Street runner friend Lyle embroiled in the official investigation, Lady Katherine has only one friend who seems interested in investigating - Captain Wayland.

Her father would have a fit if he knew Katherine was conferring on a case with the handsome Captain, but Lady Katherine will stop at nothing to bring her friend’s killer to justice.

When the case takes a disturbing turn, even Wayland can’t help, and Lady Katherine has only her wits - and her pug Emma - to relay on in order to prevent becoming the next victim.

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