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Blackmoore Sisters Books 6-10 Bundle Discount (PAPERBACK)

Blackmoore Sisters Books 6-10 Bundle Discount (PAPERBACK)

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*** USA Today Bestseller and Winner of the Best Mystery Romance category at the IRC *** 

This bundle consists of the Blackmoore Sisters Series books 6-10

Charmed meets Nancy Drew in this enchanting series about four sisters who discover their magical powers. Humor, light magic, an eerily intelligent cat, twisty mysteries and a smidge of romance. 

WOW! I actually read books 1 through 6 this past week. Couldn't put them down. When I got to the end of one I HAD TO get the next one as quickly as possibly! I love the cat! "

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Set in the seaside town of Noquitt, Maine (a fictional town based on Ogunguit Maine) the four Blackmoore sisters have shared their ancestral home - a mansion high on an ocean cliff -  ever since their parents untimely deaths. 

They've led a relatively normal existence... until now.  When Morgan is accused of murder and certain events are set in motion, the sisters start to discover that they are anything but normal. 

Morgan's herbal remedies work exceptionally good and her intuition is highly honed.  Fiona's gemstone jewelry has extraordinary healing powers and she has a way with stones that is supernatural. Celeste can talk to ghosts, something she has known for a while but has hidden from everyone. Jolene is most powerful of all having a combination of all their powers. 

But do their powers have anything to do with the mysterious death of their parents? 

Throw in an attic full of mysterious treasures, A ledger from their ancestor with an intriguing clue and a cat that has the uncanny ability to show up at exactly the right time and the sisters are in for the adventure of a lifetime, especially when  a mysterious government agency wants them to recover a series of hidden ancient relics.