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Mystic Notch Box Set Books 1-3 (EBOOK)

Mystic Notch Box Set Books 1-3 (EBOOK)

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The Cat Who meets Bewitched in this magical cozy mystery series filled with enchanting characters and twisty plots.

“… Funny quirky whodunit.”

“…Love these characters!”

“… kept me guessing until the end.”

“… wonderful ghostly murder filled with meows!”

This boxed set includes Books 1-3 in the Mystic Notch Series:

Book 1: Ghostly Paws
*** USA Today Bestseller and First Place Winner Chanticleer Mystery & Mayhem Awards ***

Willa Chance, new owner of Last Chance Books finds herself haunted by the tenacious ghost of the town librarian who insists Willa solve her murder.

Luckily, she has lots of help, including a quirky cast of small-town characters, the cat she’s inherited from her grandmother, and her best friend, Pepper, who claims her herbal teas can work magic.

But just when Willa thinks she’s discovered who the killer is, she finds out that things are not what they seem in Mystic Notch, and the case takes a strange turn that has Willa adding even some of her long-time friends to her suspect list.

Book 2 - A Spirited Tail

Middle-aged bookstore owner Willa Chance is looking forward to the opportunity of appraising a valuable private library that hasn't seen the light of day for fifty years ... until she finds a dead body in the backyard and the ghost of the home's previous owner anxiously waiting for her inside.

Hampered by the persistent ghost who insists on keeping secrets from her, Willa navigates a sea of confusing clues as she struggles to uncover the connection between the recent murder and two murders fifty years ago.

Is the answer contained in the secret she found in the library? Or the unusual bequest left by the long-dead owner of the house? Or maybe it has something to do with the mysterious journal that everyone seems to be after.

Once again, Willa's cat Pandora has to help her figure out the clues, while she and the other cats of Mystic Notch try to keep vital mystical knowledge from getting into the wrong hands.

Can Willa discover the identity of the killer in time or will she end up being the fourth victim?

Book 3 - A Mew To A Kill

When the ghost of a murder victim appears in Last Chance Books, middle-aged bookstore owner, Willa Chance, must find the ghost's killer or risk being haunted with its unwanted advice forever.

Too bad the ghost suffers from amnesia and only has a few scant clues as to the identity of the killer. That's okay, though, because Willa has a pretty good idea who did it ... until her investigation turns up additional suspects with curious motives.

Meanwhile her cat, Pandora, is on the hunt f or a mystical kitten that the cats of Mystic Notch must bring into the fold before the kitten is enticed to the side of evil by a powerful foe.

When Willa's own life is threatened, she enters into a race against time to figure out the identity of the killer before she becomes the next victim.

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